The best ideas emerge when different perspectives meet

Future Industry Forum - an annual summit for leaders, experts and ideas

When different perspectives meet, and different industries find common ground, new ideas or concepts have an opportunity to grow and develop on a larger scale. This is an opportunity that might otherwise be missed if approached separately. When a group of game changers – leading industrialists, researchers and practitioners – gather around the same table and add their different experiences, perspectives and know-how, that’s when synergy happens, and new business is created.

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Future Industry Forum

Theme: Land based fish farming

14 Mar

What will it take to create a new, profitable and sustainable industry?

Producing protein on an industrial scale. The ocean has long been seen as an endless source for fish farming. But in just a short time, this has changed. A new land-based fish farming industry is of high importance for ensuring sustainable and scalable protein production.

Spin-off forum

Land based fish farming

5 Feb
Land based fish farmers wish list for professional suppliers

How can suppliers meet the specified functional requirements of the emerging land based industry?

Land based fish farming is an emerging high potential industry, but there are still few specialized suppliers that are aware of; and can meet the wanted requirements for efficient and specific aquaculture performance.
This exclusive conference will gather participants – all leading industrial suppliers from relevant professional areas. The Key note addresses will cover the scientific and financial perspective in addition to practitioners in the field that will describe the challenges that the industry faces when it comes to technical equipment suited for their needs.

2020 Future Industry Forum

Theme: Our next theme will be announced soon

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